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Janice Dargan

Principal/Chief Academic Officer

Mrs. Janice Dargan is joining Virtus Academy of South Carolina as Principal and Chief Academic Officer. She has experience as a classroom teacher, STEM coordinator, certified evaluator/mentor, parent liaison, community outreach liaison, and student interventionist. Mrs. Dargan has a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood/Early Education from Coker College, a Master’s of Education in Educational Administration from Grand Canyon University. She is currently pursuing an Education Specialist degree in Instructional Technology. She is certified in Early Childhood Education, in Elementary Education, as an Elementary Principal, and as a South Carolina Evaluator.Mrs. Dargan has extensive experience in project-based learning and STEM classrooms. She also has experience in curriculum development, classroom management, technology integration, parental and community involvement, and behavior intervention.

Assistant Principal, K-3
Assistant Principal 4th-8th

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1st Grade Paraprofessional
2nd Grade
3rd Grade Science
High School ELA
5th Grade Science/Social Studies
Special Education
Special Education
3rd Grade ELA
4th Grade Soc/Sci
6th Grade ELA
Kindergarten Paraprofessional
6th Grade Soc/Sci
Special Education
4th Grade ELA
High School History
5th Grade ELA
6th Grade Math
4th Grade Math
1st Grade
1st Grade/Gifted & Talented
High School Science
PE and Health/5th grade Math
3rd Grade Math
7-8th Grade ELA/Journalism
7-8th Grade Science/Medical Detectives
7th, 8th & 9th Grade Math
1st Grade
7th & 8th Grade Social Studies
Computer Science
3rd Grade Soc


K-3rd Counselor
Reading Interventionist
Math Interventionist
Occupational Therapist
Math Interventionist
Counselor Grades 4th-9th
Administrative Assistant
Reading Interventionist
Special Education Assistant
Behavior Manager
Special Education Paraprofessional
MTSS Coordinator
Special Education Coordinator


Administration Assistant
Attendance Clerk
IT Director
Administrative Assistant
Social Media Specialist
Office Manager/Federal Programs Coordinator
Administrative Assistant/Vista Afterschool Care Coordinator
Facilities Manager
Powerschool/Enrollment Coordinator