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Virtus Academy

Diploma Requirements

Each student must earn a total of 24 prescribed units of credit.

The current requirements are listed below:

English/Language Arts4 units
Mathematics4 units
Science, one of which must be Biology 1/Biology 1 Honors3 units
US History & Constitution1 unit
Economics½ unit
US Government½ unit
Other Social Studies1 unit
Physical Education 1* or Junior ROTC 1*1 unit
Computer Science ^1 unit
Foreign Language or Career and Technology Education1 unit
Core Units17 units
Electives7 units
Total Units24 units

* Only level 1 of Physical Education (PE 1) and level 1 of JROTC meet the SC High School Diploma requirement. 

^ The one required unit of Computer Science may be met by successful completion of one of the state-approved Computer Science courses.