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Virtus Academy

Elementary School (K–6th Grade)

Our Schools

We are powering the future through excellence in education in our Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. Each school represents a distinct segment of our students’ educational journey as we prepare them for adulthood, jobs, higher education, careers, and whatever else the future holds. 

Our schools comprise a unified commitment to ensuring the best possible outcome for every member of our unique learning community. 

We are Virtus. We Power the Future.

Student Pledge

I will begin each day with a positive attitude.

I will have an open mind and heart and do my very best in and out of school.

I will do my best to ensure Virtus has a welcoming environment for all.

I will practice excellence in all I do.

I will treat everyone with respect.

Powering the Future in Grades K–5

At Virtus Academy Elementary School, every student is given opportunities to develop their knowledge, leadership skills, and potential. Our elementary community encompasses more than 400 students and a talented team of highly motivated teachers and assistants. We partner with parents, families, and guardians to ensure every student has every chance to achieve their highest level of success.


Our core curriculum encompasses Project-Based Learning (PBL), Authentic Literacy, Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA), Leadership Development, and Service Learning. 

These primary courses of study are enhanced in grades 2–5 with art, music, technology, Spanish, and Physical Education (PE).  

Other enhancements include Afterschool Tutoring based on individual MAP test scores, Field Studies for exposure to other communities and cultures, and Personalized Learning Plans for setting and achieving academic goals.

Project-Based Learning (PBL) — Grades K–5

Our PBL curriculum follows a proven teaching method where students learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects over an extended period to investigate and respond to authentic, appealing, and complex questions, problems, or challenges.

Driving Questions

Our PBL Curriculum teaches students to work as a team and uses Driving Questions to inspire them to discover, explore, collaborate with others, and take action on how and why. Examples of Driving Questions include: What does it mean to be a citizen? Why do we need bees, and how can we help them? How do robots think? How can we promote childhood literacy in our community?

Authentic Literacy — Grades 4–5

Students are immersed in literacy and taught standard skills through novels. The curriculum empowers them to become lifelong readers, writers, and communicators. 

Digital Literacy — Grades K–5

Exposure to keyboarding starts with our youngest learners, advancing their capabilities with every grade. Classes meet four days weekly to build foundational knowledge for a computer science high school graduation requirement and long-term success in the digital world. 

Supplemental Technology Programs

We utilize supplemental learning solutions to help students stay on track to achieve intellectual growth by accelerating their literacy and math skills. Programs like Achieve3000 and Accelerated Reader support advancement in English Language Arts, while Freckle provides personalized math practice.

Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) — Grades K–3

CKLA builds students’ knowledge and vocabulary in literature, history, geography, and science using research-based foundational skills instruction. The curriculum aligns with state standards and encourages students to dig deeper and make connections across content areas.

Leadership Development — Grades K–5

Our Leadership Development curriculum follows Leader in Me, an evidence-based, comprehensive model that builds students’ leadership and life skills, creates a high-trust school culture and lays the foundation for sustained academic achievement.

Rooted in a “whole-child” mindset, our curriculum and teaching style address five core beliefs influencing the student, family, and community.

Everyone can be a leader.
Everyone has genius.
Change starts with me.
Educators empower students to lead their own learning.
Develop the whole person.

Service-Learning Development — Grades K–5

Our Service-Learning curriculum fosters civic responsibility by providing unique opportunities for students to positively impact issues that matter to them, whether local, statewide, or global. Through classroom learning and organized hands-on activities, our young people rise to meet a community need by acknowledging and addressing the underlying problem through action.

Personalized Learning Plans 

To meet our students where they are, we use IXL Curriculum to evaluate grade-level proficiency in math and ELA and create personalized learning plans based on each student’s needs. IXL aligns with state standards and provides real-time insights so our teachers can respond quickly to address gaps in understanding, build on students’ knowledge, and accelerate learning.

Standardized Testing Preparation

To prepare our students for standardized testing and equip them with the tools they need to perform at their highest level, we utilize Progress Learning. This comprehensive program assesses readiness and provides supplemental learning resources like video instruction for math and science. We aim to increase student mastery by engaging them in unique, age-appropriate learning experiences. 

Beta Club, Grades 4–5

Students in grades 4 and 5 can be invited to participate in Beta Club based on academic performance. Beta Club is an education youth organization that recognizes high academic achievement, rewards and nurtures worthy character, fosters leadership skills and encourages service to others. 

Sports, Grades 1–5

Organized sports are available and expose VA students to the benefits of health, wellness, exercise, and collaboration. All students must complete a Pre-Participation Physical Form before joining a team.

Soccer, Grades 1–3

Soccer, Grades 4–5

Supply Lists

Kindergarten 23-24
first grade 23-24
second grade 23-24
third grade 23-24
fourth grade 23-24
5th grade 23-24
6th grade supply list