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Virtus Academy

Art, Music & Dance

Exposure to the arts, languages, and exercise is a top priority at Virtus. All students in grades K-6 are required to take art, and music every year, and they can choose between dance and PE. Students in grades 7-8 must take PE but can choose interesting electives from a growing list of available options.

Art, Music & Dance

Exposure to the arts is a top priority at Virtus. All students in grades K–6 must take art and music every year; however, they can choose between dance and physical education (PE). Students in grades 7–8 must take PE but can choose interesting electives from a growing list. 

Art, music and dance impact our students’ cognitive development, social-emotional skills, and grades. We use the arts to enhance their academic achievements and expose them to interests, hobbies, and career paths.

Art, Grades K–8

Art is alive at Virtus Academy, and students are exposed to a variety of unique learning experiences. 

Examples from the current curriculum include teaching elementary students about artists from every continent and teaching middle school students about special effects makeup and stage design. 

A Project-Based Learning Interactive Museum that ties art with music is a new endeavor, and we’re exploring starting a theater program and adding international travel.

Our art teacher is Emily Simon. She is known for dying her hair a different color every season, so you will know her when you see her. 

Music, Grades 1–6

Virtus Academy students can learn to play guitar and piano and use their voices as instruments. Our music classes are fully equipped with everything we need for live and recorded performances.

This year, students will participate in the creation of a Virtus Academy album featuring a selected song from each grade. 

Our music teacher is Joshua McKenny. He started playing the drums when he was three years old.

Dance, Grades 2–8

Virtus Academy is among a few South Carolina schools offering dance as an alternative to P.E. or as a middle school elective. 

Students in grades 2-6 who opt for dance have it four days every fifth week. Students in grades 7–8 who choose it as an elective take the class daily for a semester. 

Our dance curriculum includes ballet and the fundamentals of dance, jazz and contemporary. In addition to exercising their bodies and minds, students learn to think creatively and kinesthetically, using body movement to interact with their learning environment. 

Our dance teacher is Kaylyn Tyler. She majored in dance education at Columbia College and is a certified K–12 dance instructor. She likes helping students find their creative voices.