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Virtus Academy

Our Power Pillars & Core Values

We believe in the spirited pursuit of excellence.

Education Power Pillars

P: Problem-Solving Curriculum

O: Organized Leadership Development

W: Well-Rounded & Engaged School Community 

E: Energizing Spirit for Service Learning

R: Reflective-Thinking Culture that Fosters Knowledge

School Community’s Core Values

P: Positive Attitudes

O: Open Minds & Hearts

W: Welcoming Environment

E: Excellence in Everything

R: Respect for Others

Note to parents: Depending on when you view this page, the data may be more than a year after students were last tested. This is because the state requires all public schools to test students each spring, but then does not release that data until later summer or early fall. At the very least then, no matter when you view this page, the data on it is always from the school year previous to the current one.