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Virtus Academy

Virtus Academy Honors 2023–24 Teacher, Volunteer, and Students of the Year

Leadership, helpfulness, commitment, inspiration, and impact are just a few words to describe the five individuals recently honored by the Virtus Academy Board of Directors.

On March 26th, the board presented recognition plaques to students Abigail Rogers, Lucy Long, Jayden Bostick, and our teacher of the year, Mr. John Huggins. Huggins also received a monetary bonus.

The honorees will attend the sixth annual Charter Institute at Erskine (CIE) Awards Banquet on May 16th at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. They will be acknowledged for their hard work, academic achievements, and exemplary leadership qualities.

Erskine began authorizing high-quality charter schools in 2017, schools that elevate educational opportunities through innovation and creativity. The college currently sponsors 28 schools across the state, including Virtus Academy.

The annual banquet is an opportunity to celebrate the students, parents, volunteers, teachers, and school administrators who exemplify quality leadership and high personal and professional standards.

“As we reflect on the progress we’ve made as a school over the last 15 months, and we’ve made a great many strides in a multitude of areas, I have to say that some of the highlights—and my best memories—are a result of the five individuals receiving these honors,” said Dr. Brian Carpenter, Virtus Academy’s managing consultant. “Virtus Academy is, without a doubt, on an upward spiral of academic and leadership distinction. Our students and faculty embody the spirit of an award-winning school, and our future is full of growth and promise.”

Our 2023-2024 Honorees

Student of the Year

Abigail Rogers, 4th Grade

Abigail epitomizes the qualities of a true leader, scholar, and compassionate citizen. Her impact on the school extends beyond the classroom walls, and she sets the highest examples of resilience, inspiration, and strength of character. Her most exceptional gift is her ability to connect with others effortlessly. Her genuine kindness and empathy make every student feel supported and respected. Despite facing personal challenges, Abigail’s positive attitude and determination to overcome adversity testify to her inner strength and character.

Student of the Year

Lucy Long, 8th Grade

Lucy’s leadership skills are unparalleled. As a member of the Virtus Wolves News Show, she excels and fosters a sense of camaraderie among her peers. She approaches every task with passion and perseverance, and her determination guides her pursuit of excellence. Beyond her academic and leadership excellence, Lucy’s selfless nature sets her apart. She goes above and beyond to serve her community and is a dedicated member of Beta Club. Her selflessness knows no bounds.

Student of the Year

Jayden Bostick awarded Student of the Year

Jayden Bostick, 10th Grade

Jayden has many remarkable qualities, such as an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for music and deejaying, and a drive to make a meaningful impact in the community. He faces and overcomes challenges head-on, steadfastly committed to excellence. He tackles complex assignments with diligence and determination and uplifts everyone around him with his infectious energy, positive attitude, and supportive nature. Whether spreading joy through his music or lending a hand to a classmate, Jayden leaves a lasting impact.

Volunteer of the Year

Carlos Washington

Retired Fire Chief Carlos Washington has been dedicated to Virtus Academy’s success since the school’s inception. He is Virtus’s sole founding member, and his commitment to VA excellence extends well beyond attending board meetings, sports activities, and special events. He led the charge to build our new upper school and gym and tirelessly promotes our programs. His enthusiastic ability to inspire every teacher and student has had an unmatched impact on our entire school community. This recognition is a well-deserved honor for a remarkable leader.

Teacher of the Year

John Huggins

No stranger to stepping up to lead special projects, John demonstrates strong leadership skills and a proactive approach to problem-solving. This year, he’s taught regular education and gifted and talented classes, revised our curriculum alignment document, and led our authentic literacy initiative. His adaptability and versatility shine through as he effectively tailors his teaching methods to meet the diverse needs of our students. John is a shining example of excellence in education and genuinely embodies the unique qualities of Teacher of the Year. On April 10th, Erskine notified him that he was one of five finalists considered for CIE’s Teacher of the Year. A panel will interview him on April 18th in Columbia. Congratulations, and best of luck to Mr. John Huggins! 

Join us in celebrating Abigail Rogers, Lucy Long, Jayden Bostick, Mr. Carlos Washington, andVirtus Academy Teacher of the Year John Huggins. Together, we all make Virtus better.