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Virtus Academy

Kaymeo Davis Named Virtus Academy K-4 Assistant Principal

More than an administrator, teacher, and reading coach, Kaymeo Davis is a loyal champion for our school, teachers, and students. She’s also our new K-4 assistant principal. 

After four years on Team Virtus, Davis stepped up last November to serve as the school’s interim K-4 program director, solidifying her commitment to helping Virtus become one of the state’s leading charter schools. Following an internal search, she was promoted to assistant principal earlier this month. 

“Ms. Davis is a capable educator and leader with a fierce dedication to supporting every teacher and student in our school,” said Dr. Brian Carpenter, managing consultant. “She represents the caliber of person we want on our team, someone who does what it takes to raise the bar on instruction, classroom management, and student growth.”

Born and raised in Florence, Davis taught in Florence One schools before finding her home at Virtus. 

“We’re starting to see a lot of positive changes in our classrooms, and I believe it’s because we’re all so deeply invested in supporting our teachers and teaching our young people how to interact, communicate, follow the rules, and become lifelong learners,” Davis said. “I fell in love with Virtus the first time I visited and am proud to work for a top-tier school that continues to evolve, advance, and put students first.”

Regardless of her role, Davis is content to work behind the scenes to ensure that every member of the Wolf Pack family has what they need to reach their potential, from curriculum and instruction to effective programming and discipline. She co-coordinated the school’s recent book fair, which raised over $10,000.

“We’re all doing what it takes to show our community that Virtus is the number one charter school in the Pee Dee, and we’re only going to keep getting better. That’s been my goal from day one, and we won’t quit until we achieve the highest pinnacle of success.”