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Virtus Academy

Register Now for the FDTC Emergency Alert System

All Virtus Academy high school parents and guardians must register for Florence-Darlington Technical College’s Emergency Alert System. FDTC Alerts is an EAS system the college has adopted to communicate vital information to students, faculty/staff, and the public as efficiently as possible about potential events on campus. 

FDTC Alerts include the following notification methods: 

  1. Mobile Alerts: Text or voice messages delivered to mobile/home phones, etc. 
  2. Email Alerts: Email alerts, by default, will be sent to your FDTC email account. Student, faculty, and staff email address will be prepopulated into the system. 
  3. FDTC Web Alerts: These alerts will be posted to the college’s website ( and Facebook page. 
  4. Scrolling signs and sirens: These audible and visual alerts are placed in key areas of the college.

For more detailed information, please visit the FDTC safety page: 

Report a Crime 

If you are in or see someone in an emergency or life-threatening situation, call 911 immediately! 

Sheriff’s Assistance 8:00 am – 11:00 pm 

  1. Call Security at Ext. 8210 on the main campus, Ext. 8510 at the Health Science Campus, or Ext. 2810 at SiMT or dial “0” and request assistance locating the appropriate Security or Student Services personnel. 
  2. Identify yourself and any injured person(s) when reporting the incident, providing as much detail as possible. 

Incident Reporting

To report incidents of academic, physical threats, or sexual misconduct, please visit the incident reporting page.