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Virtus Academy

Virtus Expands Learning Opportunities to High Schoolers with the Launch of a National English Honor Society Chapter

As Virtus Academy prepares to reach its K–12 capacity in the 2024–25 academic year, new opportunities to enhance student learning continue to surface, like the addition of a National English Honor Society chapter, which will officially kick off this fall.

By chartering a National English Honor Society chapter, Virtus will be connected to an international network of English teachers and students. The chapter will promote language, literature, and writing and encourage networking with individuals and groups enthusiastic about language arts. Secondary schools can petition for a local chapter, which is precisely what Virtus Academy English teacher Amy Bradberry did. 

“Virtus is now one of only two schools in Florence County with an NEHS chapter,” Bradberry says. “It’s an exclusive opportunity for students and another academic advantage for Virtus when recruiting students and teachers.”

The benefits of an NEHS chapter include academic recognition, scholarship and award eligibility, leadership development, personal growth, and broader school recognition. 

To qualify for NEHS membership, students must have attended Virtus Academy for at least one semester, completed two English classes, and received an English GPA of 3.0 or higher. Eligible students will receive letters of invitation this summer, and a formal installation will occur in the fall. 

Bradberry says NEHS offers a variety of writing competitions with individual and school awards and multiple competitive scholarships for seniors. One such competition is the Intellectual Freedom Challenge, which motivates students to write argumentative essays based on potentially controversial texts. Winners receive cash prizes.

“I’m looking forward to exposing our students to writers, authors, and experts through NEHS webinars and chapter meetings,” Bradberry adds. “I want them to practice putting together themed writing pieces for the Intellectual Freedom Challenge and create a pamphlet or short journal about the experience. I’d also like to create a community literacy project.” Named the Virtus Veritas Chapter for Veritas, the Goddess of Truth and mother of Virtus, the school’s newest club has much to look forward to.

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