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Virtus Academy

The Advantages of Speaking Spanish

Though Spanish is his third language, Virtus Academy Spanish Teacher Cesar Castro loves exposing students to a language that can open doors to a variety of job and career opportunities. 

A native of Colombia, Castro has been teaching Spanish for 16 years. He’s also a soccer coach at Virtus.

“One of the first things I try to teach students is that there are many advantages to speaking a second language,” he says. “For starters, it sets you apart in the job market and can lead to higher-paying jobs and international travel experiences.”

Castro teaches students in grades 2–8, initially exposing them to the basics, like numbers, the alphabet, and simple vocabulary, along with food, music, and culture lessons. He wants every student to be able to read, write, and speak Spanish fluently. 

In middle school, Spanish is an elective. Students can pursue Spanish I, II, and III and earn college credits. 

“Every Friday, they practice their skills by having conversations using the vocabulary words they learned during the week,” he says. “It helps students learn proper grammar and prepares them for advanced studies, the job market, and high school and college study abroad opportunities.”Castro says he’s motivated by helping students learn and improve. “It’s the best thing about being a teacher.”