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Virtus Academy

Recognizing inaugural Wolf Pack LEADERS

Because leadership development is a core focus of our school’s curriculum and culture and one of our Education Power Pillars, we’re implementing a Wolf Pack Leaders recognition program that celebrates students demonstrating exemplary character, conduct, and leadership skills.

Every month, lead teachers will select one male and one female Wolf Pack Leader from each grade level whose attitude and actions set them apart.

These leaders will receive an official certificate, take a photo with school administration, and enjoy a fun-filled recognition party with snacks, music, and more.

Meet our inaugural Wolf Pack Leaders for the 2024-25 academic year.

Kindergarten: Emersyn Lail and Aarush Tanneru
1st Grade: James Dickerson and Rachell Robinson
2nd Grade: Avery Anderson and Lucas Guzman
3rd Grade: Lincoln Atkins and Amariah Harps
4th Grade: Willie Garris and Kaylynn Savage

5th Grade: Khloe Carraway, Samuel Privette and Amaria Robinson
6th Grade: Bristol Miller and Bryant Avery Wallace
7th Grade: Rushton Christmas and Sara Haselden
8th Grade: Chilnaci Laloulu and Ashton Wiggins

9th Grade: Emily Green
10th Grade: Arie Brown, Henry Long, Jayden McCluney and Olivia Privette