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Virtus Academy

New High School

Powering the Future Through Growth

Powering every Virtus Academy student’s academic and leadership potential means preparing for growth inside out.

A catalyst for external and internal improvements, our new high school and gymnasium are being built by Hubrich Contracting and are scheduled to open at the start of the 2024–25 school year. The high school will house grades 9–12.

Here’s a sampling of what we can look forward to:

  • 28,000-square-foot high school
  • 12,000-square-foot gymnasium
  • 16 Classrooms
  • 1 Art Room
  • 1 Music Room
  • 2 Special Education Classrooms
  • Expanded Parking
  • Expanded Athletics
  • More Students, Teachers & Staff

“It’s been a long road getting here, but it feels good to see the founders’ vision now becoming reality.”

Carlos Washington, Board Vice President

Progress Pics

Here are some photo updates of construction of the new high school.