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Virtus Academy

Celebrating Hard Work and Creativity at our Annual PBL Showcase

It’s not enough that a Project-Based Learning (PBL) curriculum is one of Virtus Academy’s primary teaching methods. We like to reinforce PBL’s out-of-the-box effectiveness for intellectual and social-emotional growth by celebrating how it teaches students to use higher-order thinking skills to develop solutions to real-world scenarios like transportation, careers, plant life, and community service.

Every May, we host a PBL Showcase to spotlight the hard work and creativity our students have demonstrated throughout the school year as they work to answer complex questions like “How does water affect land?,” “Why are specific animals not thriving in their habitats?,” and “What would humans need to survive on Mars?”

Different driving questions exist for each grade level, and students are encouraged to make their own decisions about them as they conduct thorough research and participate in numerous group discussions to create fully developed answers and projects.

Our PBL Showcase invites students to share their projects with Virtus Academy parents, families, and friends while enjoying games, music, crafts, and food from local vendors. Project presentations included everything from balloon cars and handmade weather thermometers to costumes, storyboards, and dioramas.

“PBL is one of the best ways to connect VA students to their school, community, and the world because it opens their minds to exploring solutions to real-world situations and opportunities,” said Shonte Grady, Virtus Academy Program Director/Assistant Principal, Grades 4–6. “PBL develops and enhances student learning by encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, self-management, and self-reflection.”