Virtus Academy

Afternoon Car Line Experiment to Decrease Wait Times

Tired of waiting in long car lines when picking up your children in the afternoon? We understand, especially when the temperatures outside are blazingly hot. The good news is that we might have a solution to save you time and keep our team members safe from heat exhaustion.

Beginning Monday, August 21, during dismissal only (drop-off procedures will remain the same), we’re going to direct all incoming traffic into one of two lanes, depending on the grade(s) of the students you are picking up.

Right Lane Only

If you are picking up students only in grades K-3 or kids in grades K-3 and 4-8, please stay in the right lane. When you reach the top of the driveway as it turns toward the school, we will divert you across our back field toward the rear exit of the school. If you’re having trouble picturing this, don’t worry, our staff will direct you.

Left Lane Only

If you are picking up children only in grades 4-8, please stay in the left lane until you go past where traffic diverts to the rear of the building. From there, your will pick up your students in the usual place.


Everyone will exit along the usual route, but we ask you to be cautious as vehicles that were diverted to the rear of the building will merge with those in front. Again, just follow our signals.

While this will decrease everyone’s wait time, it may lengthen your exit time because of the cross traffic at the foot of our driveway. We encourage caution; there has been at least one accident this year. (We’re hoping that when we get our SRO, they can help with this too.)

Will this work? We think so, though we can only know for sure if we try it. We guess the first few days may be slower as everyone gets used to the new flow. Also, remember that on rainy days, we will have to revert to a blacktop-only pickup because the grass will be slick and the ground muddy.

We are the Power Pack!