Virtus Academy

Gifted & Talented

Participation in the Virtus Academy Gifted & Talented Program empowers students to elevate the pace at which they gain knowledge through exposure to advanced learning opportunities and experiences as long as they meet national eligibility requirements. 

We refer to our Gifted & Talented Program as PACK, and students of all ages and grades can participate. In addition to classroom education, students in PACK are responsible for unique school-wide projects like fundraising activities and special events. 

In South Carolina, students are identified as Gifted & Talented if they score at or above the 96th national age percentile on the Total Battery/Composite on a nationally normed aptitude test. Other identifiers include meeting the standards in two of three aptitude dimensions, such as 93rd national age percentile or better on one or more parts of a nationally normed test of academic aptitude; 94th national age percentile or better on a nationally normed test of reading or math; or achieve a grade point average of 3.75 of a possible 4.0 on the SC Performance Tasks Assessment administered in grades 2–5.

P.A.C.K Guidelines