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Virtus Academy

Everybody Can Dance

Q&A with Kalyn Tyler, Virtus Academy Dance Teacher

What do you like about teaching dance?
I like that students get to move their bodies during the day, which is good for health and fitness and gives them a mental break from a more rigorous class curriculum. I like seeing their creativity develop and knowing they will be more focused afterwards.

What do dance students at Virtus learn?
Students learn the fundamentals of dance, which starts with ballet. They explore different dance styles and the histories behind them. Most importantly, they learn everybody can dance, regardless of height, weight, age, gender, or race. They learn that dance is for expressing yourself, exercising, having fun, and more. 

Check out Everybody Can Dance by Kara Navolio.

Is there anything new about our dance curriculum?
Our curriculum won’t change this year; however, I’m looking forward to starting a dance team in the future. Once our high school building opens and we have more students and space, it will be the perfect time to enhance our offerings and encourage students to hone their skills. 

What do students need to know about the benefits of dance?
Dance can help with self-expression, creativity, and confidence. Collaborating, building, and growing together is part of every dance class at Virtus Academy. 

Do you have a favorite dance style?
My favorite dance styles are contemporary, ariel, and musical theater.