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School Psychologist

General Summary

The School Psychologist is directly responsible for the psychological assessment of academic, social, emotional, and behavioral domains utilizing problem-solving and standardized evaluations. The School Psychologist monitors the completion of case study evaluations and participates in Individual Education Plan (IEP) conferences and problem-solving meetings designing systems, programs and services that maximize students’ social, emotional, and educational success. In collaboration with staff, families, students, and communities the school psychologist promotes effective educational environments. This is a 190/ day position. Reports to the Principal and/or designee.

Essential Job Functions

  • Conduct psychological assessments and interpret results for students and participate in IEP conferences, team meetings, and problem-solving meetings.
  • Provide individual, group, and family therapy per IEP requirements.
  • Monitor completion of case study evaluations and participate in IEP conferences and problem solving meetings.
  • Lead crisis intervention efforts and provide insight into the development of functional assessments and behavior intervention plans.
  • Integrate psychological services into the classroom environment as appropriate.
  • Provide assistance to staff in the design and implementation of appropriate interventions and accommodations for students.
  • Evaluate and/or translate research into practice and understand research design and statistics in sufficient depth to plan and conduct investigations and program evaluations for improvement of services.
  • Contribute to program development that furthers the integration of social, coping, and problem solving in the classroom.
  • Provide support services to parents/guardians as needed.
  • Coordinate and/or collaborate with a range of individuals/agencies to promote and provide comprehensive services to students and families.
  • Provide and/or assist in professional development for staff, parents, and/or community.
  • Participate in professional growth activities on a yearly basis including recertification, workshops, in-services, professional reading materials, and/or other available offerings.
  • Proficiently use technology to communicate, compile reports, and collect data.
  • Participate in building or program activities and meetings as appropriate.

General Job Functions

  • Assume appropriate roles as adult model, behavior manager and educator.
  • Continue professional growth.
  • Assume other duties and special projects as assigned.

Job Specifications

Minimum Qualifications or Standards Required to Perform Essential Job Functions

  • Knowledge of methods of assessment; systematic processes to collect data, translate assessment results into empirically based decisions about service delivery and evaluate outcomes of services.
  • Knowledge of learning processes, appropriate instructional interventions to meet students’ needs, and the ability to implement and assess their effectiveness.
  • Knowledge of behavioral mental health, collaborative and/or consultation models and methods and their application.
  • Participate in twelve (12) hours of Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) training and techniques.

REPORT TO: Principal

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