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Virtus Academy
Open Position

School Counselor

General Summary

The School Counselor will work with school faculty and staff, students, parents, and community to plan, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program at school assigned. Counsel students to fully develop each student’s academic, career, personal, and social abilities and address the needs of special populations students. This is a salaried position for 190 or 220 days. The School Counselor Reports to the Principal.

Essential Job Functions

  • Teaches developmental guidance curriculum consistent with the state’s guidance program plan and tailored to campus needs.
  • Assists teachers in incorporating guidance-related information into existing curriculum.
  • Provides guidance to individuals and groups of students to develop education plans, socio-economic awareness and career awareness.
  • Counsels individual students and small groups with presenting needs and concerns.
  • Consults parents, teachers, administrators, and other relevant people to enhance their work with students. 
  • Works with school and community personnel to obtain resources for students.
  • Develops and maintains positive working relationships with other school professionals and representatives of community resources.
  • Uses an effective referral process to assist students and others to use special programs and services.
  • Plans school guidance and counseling programs to ensure that they meet identified needs, priorities, and program objectives.
  • Compiles, maintains, and files all required physical and computerized reports, records, and other documents.
  • Complies with policies established by federal and state law, State Board of Education rule, and board policy in the guidance and counseling area. 
  • Communicates effectively with colleagues, students, and parents.
  • Adheres to ethical and legal standards and model behavior that is professional, and responsible.
  • Participates in professional development to improve skills related to job assignment.
  • Maintains confidentiality.

General Job Functions

  • Is punctual and maintains regular attendance
  • Has the ability to plan, organize and prioritize daily assignments and work activities 
  • Maintains a clean and orderly work environment
  • Assists in upholding and enforcing school rules, administrative regulations, and board policies
  • Keeps abreast of developments and innovations in the profession; attends training, conferences, workshops, seminars, etc., to enhance job knowledge and skill
  • Participates in and leads school staff development programs as assigned by the Principal
  • Interacts and communicates with various groups and individuals (such as parents, staff, students, school administrators, service providers and the general public)
  • Performs routine office tasks as required, including but not limited to preparing reports and correspondences, copying and filing documents, answering the telephone, sending and receiving faxes and emails, entering and retrieving computer data, etc.
  • Recognizes and follows the appropriate procedures in the “chain of command” as designated by board policies and/or administrative procedures
  • Presents a positive image of Virtus Academy at all times
  • Willingly performs other related duties as assigned

Job Specifications

Education and Experience

Requires (1) Bachelor’s Degree and (2) Master’s degree in any subject, (3) Completion of an advanced program approved by the State Board of Education for the preparation of school counselors, and (4) certification in Guidance and School Counseling. 

Career Development certification preferred.

Working Conditions

  • Conducts duties in a school environment with some exposure to environmental conditions
  • Requires ability to work under a degree of stress related to duties that require constant attention and working with students
  • Physical demands include walking or standing and lifting/moving of items related to the job on a recurring basis
  • Occasional local travel is required; overnight travel is not required  
  • Job requires the operation of standard office equipment


  • Responsible for completing assigned work within the deadlines in accordance with directives, policy, standards and prescribed procedures
  • Responsible for attending and remaining at work regularly and adheres to policies and procedures regarding attendance, absenteeism and tardiness, providing adequate notice to administration with respect to vacation time and leave requests

Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the school’s policy on evaluation of certified personnel.

Minimum Qualifications or Standards Required to Perform Essential Job Functions

  • Works effectively with adults and motivates them to change practices (skill);
  • Demonstrated ability to increase student achievement in reading;
  • Exhibits knowledge of scientifically based reading research, quality reading instruction, and the ability to integrate reading strategies into content area instruction and data management skills;
  • Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal, and time management skills;
  • Experience with coaching and/or mentoring preferred;
  • Demonstrates depth of content knowledge;
  • Displays characteristics of a learner; and
  • Demonstrates professionalism
Disclaimer Statement
This job description is not intended as an employment agreement or contract. Job duties may be altered at the discretion of the Principal at any time without notice.